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We are Boonie Road.

Boonie Road is a multi-faceted organization; connecting products, ideas, and networks, to drive investments and revenue for our partners. Our group of proven executives have been entrenched in countless transactions, and know what it takes to execute effectively. We rely on our experience, and C-Level access to reduce the degrees of separation that it takes to capitalize on opportunities.
what we do

Data-driven, scalable solutions in high traffic, high volume locations.

Combine new school data, analytics, and military grade technologies, with old school tactics, to generate revenue. By using hard-earned experience, we vet and problem-solve, ultimately producing successful connections and added income for our partners.

Protection & Security

Uncover security risks at your businesses in real-time with a 99+% level of accuracy.

Pattern Recognition

Utilize new pattern recognition technology, for numerous data-driven capabilities

Real-Time Retargeting

Capitalize on your customer and neighboring traffic by monetizing the data.

Revenue Streams

Generate substantial monthly passive income by implementing the multiple revenue streams

data solutions Used by brands like:
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Data-driven solutions to drive traffic, increase sales, retarget & more.

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